Rogues of the Golden Coast

The Story


     In a Tavern down in Madagascar, and what a bucket o' blood it was...sat a many a lass, and one sole pirate. Once they got to chattin', ideas of things to do fer the wee ones come before them. Games to keep 'em occupied says they. Well, the afore mentioned pirate be likin’ the odds o' las to he, so he agreed. Not puttin much thought in the wee ones at first, but soon found out that them same wenches wanted to teach them little barnacle scrapers, mayhaps NOT to be like the sole pirate!... "Hogwash!" says he! "Riches abound, plus the company of many such wench!! ARRRGH!" Well, that be in the late '90's, as I recollect... And that be how the lasses and the sole pirate came together, forming Rogues of the Golden Coast and spreadin’ debauchery and what have ya in front of the wee ones... NO WAIT!... that's how we MADE! the wee ones, my mishap. Spreadin’ joy and teachin’ and what have ya in front of the wee ones! That be soundin’ better! So over the years many a child have been thru the teachin’ of these vibrant and exuberant lasses, while the Capt'n of them, well… he still be tryin’ ta recruit more women...

   Whilst within the Port of Las Vegas in '99, the sole pirate and one favored wench ran astern a fellow rogue named Dead Tom. A gunner on the HMS Neptune’s Fury and Captained by a proud and respected man named Aramis. Dead Tom interested in what they had to say took them back to his ship fer a few drinks o' ale and after hearin’ what Dead Tom had to say about his crew and Captain, the Sole Pirate and wench started navigatin' more that direction ... so often, that they think of em’ as part o' their own crew! Grand folk says I, and they haven't shakin' em’ off the rudders yet!

   Known as The Rogue Cove, then, and now Pirates of Rogues Cove, Had been BLASTIN' the cannons a flame fer many other a lads and lasses, at what be known as Renaissance faires. The sole pirate was a highly interested in such a time, that he be a learning much from many a place, and pirates that work such cannons... worked side by side for years, until he set ablaze his own cannons! Bought TEN of those blastin' beasts he did and started makin’ a fuss either it be to the north of the Port of Las Vegas or back at the home port of Vegas! The crew always welcomin' em' home.

   The once only wee one friendly group o' lasses and such said sole pirate, now have other ways ta' make ya play... Learnin' the general town folk o' the ways o' the sea, and how to protect yerself. the ways o' how ship life would be back in the day... Cannons ablaze, powder spittin' fire out the barrel, and the sweet smell o' sulfur 'n charcoal! Fer the wee ones that still hang around after the thunder of cannon fire, many a games still be had ta play in-between shots! And ta all ya lilly livered land lubbers... ya think his ten guns are bad... wait until a possible family reunion of TWENTY could happen!

   As fer this day, a good thirteen years later, that sole Capt'n and four of his original women still sail together, with many a new crew. Gunners mostly. The wee ones still love playin' our games, and the revolving crew still loves to set the girls(cannons) ablaze on a regular basis. Many a pirate festivals and Ren faires be requestin us to make port in their town and we always be obliged with the tip of are hats… Strike the sails says I!, fair winds and followin' seas, mates!

HLA Hornsby, The sole pirate